Curiously Curious

Go to heaven for the climate, Hell for the company

03 Mar

So Happy

Achem, pardon my American, but fuck¬†what anyone says about Spence, or us. I know it’s not like it’s news or anything, but I am so insanely in love with him. He just makes me so goddamn happy. No matter how low I am, no matter how sad or angry or annoyed I get he can always make me feel better. It’s done without effort, most of the time he never knew that I had been upset, he just calls and we talk, and that bubbly giggle that just wants to explode from my chest builds up and joy fills me. There aren’t that many people that know about us (I think) but some that do just don’t approve, they think me stupid, naive, and recklessly immature. They obviously can’t comprehend how much he means to me.